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Designrr is one of the most popular tool to convert your existing content into ebooks. Using this ebook creator software, you can transform your blog articles, podcasts, old PDFs, videos, and documents into ebooks.

The Designrr tool requires you to enter the source of your URL or document. Then it automatically converts it ebook formats like PDF, Kindle (EPUB), Flipbooks, and iBooks.

Designrr (read review) also offer ebook templates and an drag-and-editor to edit the design of your ebook. If you have purchased it, you also get Designrr bonuses which allows you to sell ebooks on marketplaces or sell ebook creation services on websites like Fiverrr or Upwork.

In this article, we will explore everything about the Designrr free trial such as the duration of the trial, access to features & benefits, options to upgrade, and more.

Let's get started.

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What is Designrr Free Trial?

Ebook is a digital product that allows online businesses to build email list and convert website visitors into customers. Some online entrepreneur also sell ebooks on marketplaces to earn passive income while some also do freelancing by creating ebooks for their clients.

If you already have published content then Designrr can help you convert them into ebooks. You can also create ebook from scratch on Designrr.

Designrr also help people who don't have content and who also don't have the skill for writing. It offers an AI tool based on ChatGPT called Wordgenie. This AI tool can generate content for an ebook based on your chosen topic or niche.

Though Designrr doesn't have any free plan but beginners can join the seven days free trial that is offered on all of its paid plans. During the free trial, you get access to all the premium features that we will discuss later in this article. Join the free trial using the link below.

How to Sign Up for the Designrr Free Trial?

Here is the step by step process to join the seven days free trial offered by Designrr. Please remember that Designrr offers these four paid plans - Standard ($29/month), Pro ($39/month), Premium ($49/month), and Business ($99/month). And free trial is offered on each of these plans.

So, if you want to sign up for the Designrr free trial, you can join it under any of these paid plans. That being said, lets see how to join the free trial.

Step 1: Go to Designrr's Website

Visit the home page of Designrr by visiting this link - Designrr Home Page. On the home page, click on the Pricing menu located at the top.

Designrr Home Page

Step 2: Selecting the Designrr Free Trial

Below is a screenshot of the Designrr Pricing Plans. You can see that the 7 day free trial is available under each paid plans. To join the Designrr free trial, click on the button - Start Free 7 Day Trial.

Designrr Pricing Plans

As you click on the trial button, you'll get a popup as shown below. This popup contains a special offer for new users. Under this Designrr special offer, if any user sign up for free trial under the Pro plan, he/she would get eligible to get this plan at only $97/year instead of paying the regular price of $39/month.

Designrr Special Offer

Now, click on the button - Yes I want to try Pro for free. Please note that you can cancel your free trial any time within the 7 days trial period.

And if you decide not to join the trial under the Pro plan, you can click on this button - No thanks, I'll stick with Standard for $29/month.

If you ask me, I will recommend you to join the free trial under the Pro plan because if you later decide to upgrade, you will only need to pay a yearly subscription of $97 instead of a monthly subscription. The Designrr Pro plan will give you the best value for your money.

Step 3: Signing Up for the Designrr Free Trial

If you choose to sign up for the free trial for 7 days under the Pro plan, you'll get a screen like shown below.

Here, you can see that you' re not required to pay anything to join the free trial. After the trial period is over, you'll be charged a yearly payment of $97. During the trial period, if Designrr ebook software doesn't work to your liking, you can cancel your account within the 7 days trial period.

Please note that if you don't cancel your account, you will be charged $97. However, your purchase is backed by a 30-days money back guarantee. During the guarantee period, you can claim full refund by contacting their support team via chat or email.

Designrr Pro Free Trial

During the free trial, you will get access to all the ebook templates, Wordgenie AI Pro, 3D cover designs, ability to import content from a PDF, and ability to publish ebooks as PDF, Flipbooks, EPUBs, and Kindle.

Next, you'll be required to enter your contact details like first name, last name, email address, country, state, and zip code. You can make payment via either credit card or PayPal. After entering your payment details, you need to click on the Buy Now button.

Please note that you will not be charged anything for joining the Designrr free trial.

After signing up for the trial, you’ll get a confirmation email from Designrr. Now, you can log in to your Designrr account and get access to all the premium features. Thus, by following these three easy steps you can sign up for the Designrr free trial for the full seven days.

Sign up for the free trial using the link below.

Features of Designrr Free Trial

During the trial period, you get access to a number of premium features to create professional looking ebooks for your business, website, educational institutions, clients, and more.

Below I have highlighted some important features of Designrr. Have a look.

1: External Sources Supported by Designrr

Bloggers, Podcasters, YouTubers, and content creators who already have content published online can repurpose their content into ebooks to grow their email list, increase brand awareness, or to earn passive income online.

As mentioned earlier, Designrr can import content from a blog URL, podcast, video, PDF, and document created in applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. 

External sources supported by Designrr

Most users have questions whether they can make changes to the content after importing them using the Designrr tool. As a paid user of Designrr, I assure you that you can make changes by adding, editing, or deleting content.

2: Ebook Templates

Designrr Ebook Templates

Designrr offers hundreds of ebook templates that can be customized to your liking. These templates are neatly organized into different categories or niches. For example, you could find templates for marketing, education, technology, fiction, business, fashion, cooking, and more.

You can customize these templates to add texts, images, and links. You can also change the default font style, font size, margins, and paddings.

As per my experience, the templates are only basic in nature and needs improvement. Designrr needs to offer more professional-looking ebook templates under each of its paid plans.

3: Designrr Editor

Designrr Editing Options

After importing content, users are directed towards the Designrr editor where they can make changes to their ebook as per their requirements. Users can add features like table of contents, page number, cover image, links, images, text, header & footer, and more.

If you don't like the default template, you can also change it in the editor. You can also add different layouts like grid, and columns to make your ebook attractive and readable.

It also contain an Auto Save option which automatically saves your changes. So, you don't have to remember to save your work every time you make changes to your ebook.

After completing your ebook, you can publish (export) your ebook from the editor into formats like PDF, Kindle, and Flipbook.

4: Wordgenie AI

Above I have mentioned how Designrr can convert your existing content to ebooks. However, if you don't have content, then also Designrr can help you create ebook content.

Designrr offer an AI tool called Wordgenie. This tool allows users to generate content for an ebook based on the topic chosen by the user.

Designrr Wordgenie AI

Using the Designrr Wordgenie tool, users can create outlines and chapters of the ebook. And based on these, Wordgenie can create chapter-wise content for the ebook.

Please note that the content generated by the Wordgenie tool can be easily customized in the Designrr editor.

To learn more about the Designrr, check out this link - Designrr Features.

What Happens After the Expiry of Designrr Free Trial?

The trial period is offered by Designrr for seven days. Thus, users who have joined the Designrr free trial have two options to consider:

  1. If they like to continue using Designrr for creating ebooks for themselves or for their clients, they don't need to do anything. Depending on the payment options they have chosen (credit card or PayPal) during the trial sign up, they will be automatically charged after the expiry of the free trial.
  2. Users who don't like to be charged should cancel their account within the seven (7) days trial period. They can do so by contacting the support team via email or chat.

Final Thoughts

Designrr free trial is an excellent way to test this popular ebook creator software. The free trial gives you access to premium features, so you can try out the platform before upgrading. 

Whether you are a blogger, a podcaster, or a content creator, Designr has something to offer for everyone.

The free trial only lasts for 7 days. So, you must make the most of it during the trial period. Please remember that you can even download the ebook created during the trial period.

Before the trial ends, you'll need to decide whether to upgrade to a paid subscription or cancel your account.

Overall, Designrr free trial is worth trying out if you're looking to create ebooks for your blog, business, or for your client. 

So why not give it a try? Check out the 7-day free trial today.

Designrr can convert your content into ebooks. It offers customizable templates that can be used to create the design for your ebook. Sign up for your free account with the link given below and create a professionally designed ebook for yourself.

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