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Canva is a popular graphic designing tool that allows users to create different kinds of designs such as infographics, resumes, presentations, ebooks, posters, banners, social media graphics, and more.

It offers a free plan for beginners with basic features. Users looking for advance features like access to premium templates, icons, images, collaboration tools and customer support, can subscribe to its paid plans.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Canva lifetime deal. We will also discuss how to get access to premium features without joining any of its subscription plans.

What is a Canva Lifetime Deal?

Canva offers a free plan for the lifetime of the customer. Users who don't want to pay for the monthly subscription plan can join the free Canva lifetime deal and get access to the features tied up with the free plan.

Only when they want premium features, they can upgrade to the paid plans.

Let's see the features and benefits offered under the free plan.

Canva Lifetime Free Plan

The Canva free plan is a great choice for users who want to create stunning designs without breaking the bank.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a vast library of pre-designed templates, photos, icons, and graphics.

All the templates offered are fully customizable. You add, delete, or edit texts, links, and images present on the templates.

You can also start from a blank template and create your own unique design. Here are the features that you get along with the free plan.

  • 250,000 free pre-built customizable templates
  • Works completely online
  • 100+ design types - social media, letters, posters, banners
  • 1 million+ free images, photos, graphics, and icons
  • 5GB free cloud storage
  • Collaborate with team members and family

Any designs you create using the Canva lifetime deal, you can download it for free and use it for your projects. However, if your design contains any icons, images, or illustration marked as paid, you will need to upgrade or paid for it before you can download it.

Please note that it is not mandatory to upgrade if you want to use a particular premium elements or templates on your design. You can pay for that particular design under the free plan without upgrading.

If there is no premium elements (as mentioned above) on your designs, you're not required to pay anything.

Canva Lifetime Deal for Students and Teachers

Canva for Education

If you're a student or a teacher, you can join the Canva for Education to get free access to all the premium features. Using the free access, students can create educational content for their school projects. 

And teachers can create interactive content for their students. For example, they can create visually engaging infographics, animated videos, posters, presentations, music, and more.

Premium features also allows content creators to add multimedia elements such as animated images, gifs, and videos to create super helpful educational content.

Another important feature I want to add here is the ability to share real-time feedback, and share assignments with each other.

Key Features

  • Free access to premium features mapped to the Canva Pro plan
  • Free access to high-quality educational templates
  • Teachers can create personalized lesson plans for students
  • Get free access to premium images, gifs, videos, and animations
  • Integration with LMS like Google Classroom, Blackboard, Schoology, and Canvas

How to Join the Canva Lifetime Deal

Join Canva for Education

To sign up for the free Canva for education plan, you would need to ensure that you fulfill the eligibility guidelines set by Canva.

Next, you would need to get yourself registered at Canva with a valid educational credentials.

Below is a brief guideline that highlights how school institutions, teachers and students can join the Canva for free.

  • Schools: K-12 (primary, or secondary) schools are needed to sign up Canva for Education with a verified educational email domain. They can also upload documents proving its status as a government recognized, formally accredited K-12 (primary, secondary, or pre-college) educational institution.
  • Teachers: Teachers can sign up with their valid education email address. Or, they can upload proof of their teaching certification and employment to get access to Canva.
  • Students: A primary or secondary student can only get access to Canva for Education only if their teacher invites them from their Canva for Education account.

Canva Pro Lifetime Deal for Non-profits

Canva for Non-profits

Certain non-profit organizations, social impact organizations, and public health organizations can access Canva features for free. They need to join the Canva Non-profits to get free access to the Pro plan.

Thus, if you belong to any of the above, you can access all the premium features offered under the Pro plan for free. You're not required to pay the subscription fee every month.

To take advantage of this free Canva lifetime deal, more than 500,000 organizations around the world have already joined Canva to create designs for their projects.

Let's have a look at the features covered under this plan.

Key Features

  • Offer more than 400,000+ pre-built templates
  • Get free access to 75 million+ images and 3000+ fonts
  • Set your brand colors, fonts and logos
  • Get access to Magic Resize to convert images into different sizes
  • Create unlimited folders
  • Get 100GB storage for all your designs

How to Join the Canva Non-profits Lifetime Deal

Join Canva for Non-profits

Your organization must fulfill all the eligibility requirements required by Canva. If your organization is eligible, you can apply for your free account by visiting this link - Canva for Non-profits.

Please note that your organization must be recognized as a charitable or a non-profit organization in the country you're registered. The organization should be running as a not-for-profit one, and operating for the benefit of the public.

You can find all the information related to the eligibility requirements can be found here - Canva for Non-profits eligibility guidelines.

What to do next?

I hope you like this article on the Canva lifetime deal where we have highlighted the eligibility criteria for both education and non-profit organization.

If you want to learn more about Canva, here is another tutorial that you can read - How to create vertical text in Canva.

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